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Make the switch to reusable mats, socks, pads and towels

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eco-friendly oil absorbent products

Over 100 years of delivering Genuine Service Excellence

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Eliminate a Waste Stream

Eliminate a Waste Stream

See how SorbItsĀ® can support your sustainability and ISO 14001 initiatives

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SorbIts® oil absorbents

absorb three to four times more than disposable products, so they are easier to keep in supply, reduce labor and take less time to manage. SorbIts® also assist in environmental sustainability by meeting ISO 14001 goals and contributing to waste reduction projects.

The  SorbIts® System provides customers a cost-effective way to eliminate waste streams while improving safety and housekeeping.

  • Product Family
  • Processing Technology
  • Managed Program
  • Reporting/Tracking
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Our Company

Family-Owned Since 1930

ITU AbsorbTech is owned and operated by the Leef family, now in it's fourth generation of ownership. Brothers Jim and David Leef are committed to continuing the traditions started back in 1930 - Genuine Service Excellence, process and service innovation, and community involvement.

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Our managed service programs include:

  • Knowledgeable, certified professionals 
  • Reliable, scheduled delivery and pick-up
  • Program optimization
  • Live customer support
Our Sustainability Philosophy

We believe the foundation of successful sustainability comes from the inside out. Below is a summary of our sustainability model.

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Eliminate a Waste Stream

Support your Sustainability

The SorbIts® System provides a cost effective way for your company to have an immediate and measurable impact in pounds of solid waste eliminated from landfill.

Use of reusable SorbIts® helps divert tons of non-hazardous fluids from landfills and the sewer systems annually.


See how the SorbIts® program works.

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