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Safety Floor Mats

safety floor mats

Protect your floors while also alerting employees and visitors of safety hazards with our wipe mat – safety awareness floor mat series. We’ll rotate a random series of stock safety awareness mats into your floor mat program near areas of potential hazards.

Cost Savings

Our high quality rental mats, coupled with professional laundering, stand up and last much longer than typical direct purchase mats, ultimately reducing your facility cost and liability.

  • Safety messages printed on mats provide bi-directional wording for easy readability and hazard awareness.

  • Durable construction holds up to substantial, intense or harsh traffic.

  • Special fiber process ensures the mat maintains its color and design.

  • Our managed program helps controls costs, elevate housekeeping, protect your floors, and provide a safer facility for employees and visitors.

  • Composition: 100% nylon fibers with 100% nitrile rubber backing. Computer-directed, dye-injected 400 dpi graphic designs
  • Style: Multiple messages randomly circulated
  • Launderable / Reusable: Laundered for reuse in ISO 14001:2004 registered processing facilities.
Safety and Soil Control

Supports your safety compliance efforts to help maintain a clean, dry floor. Meets ADA standards.

Managed Program

Our service team will pick-up soiled mats, deliver clean product, and provide ongoing cost and utilization reports. We provide a mat system based on a Floor Care Needs Analysis. The right mats in the right places, not mats everywhere.

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We Take Care of the Details

Our Genuine Service Excellence Team will take care up pickup and delivery, professional laundering, inventory management and more.