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Superior slip prevention on oily shop floors.

Shop Floor Safety

SorbIts® floor safety mats soak up oils at your facility to prevent slips and falls. Unlike walk mats, absorbent SlipBusters® and SAFEmats® were made for manufacturing on oily shop floors. Compare now.

SorbIts® safety floor mats are part of a managed service program.  We provide professional laundering, pick-up, delivery, and (much) more – for an easy, hassle-free program. SorbIts® are trusted by manufacturers throughout the U.S. to support safety, save time, and eliminate solid landfill waste.

Wondering which mat to choose? Read our article: How to choose the right floor mat

How the Program Works

Simple, hassle free. We take care of all the details.

  • You use safety floor mats to prevent slips and falls

    Use for synthetic oils, hydraulic fluids, solvents, and other industrial non-hazardous process fluids.

  • We pick-up and deliver

    We come to your facility on a regular schedule and deliver to specific workstations or storage areas.  (You are not just a dock stop).

  • Recovered oils are recycled

    Floor mats are laundered at our ISO 14001 registered facilities for a Zero to Landfill solution.

  • You get a waste reduction report

    We quantify your waste reduction so you can showcase your environmental achievement.

  • We manage your inventory

    We recommend adjustments up our down.  We won’t make any changes without your written approval.

  • You save time and money

    Enjoy significant cost savings compared to disposables and other alternatives.

Program Benefits

Eliminate a Waste Stream

SorbIts® is Zero Waste to Landfill, helping you achieve ISO 14001 and other sustainability goals.

Prevent Slips and Falls

SorbIts® are 2-3 times more absorbent than disposables.

Lower Cost

SorbIts® eliminates waste disposal fees, saving you 15%-30% on average.

Save Time

We manage your inventory, saving you time in ordering and procurement.


We take care of all the details – pick-up, delivery, and laundering.

Program Training

We provide ongoing program training to ensure your employees use the program properly.

Trusted by Manufacturers Like You

Greg Kraft, Service Manager

SorbIts® perform as advertised. SlipBusters™ absorb the oils, antifreeze, etc. from the shop and make sure these fluids are not kept on shoes and creating a slip hazard.

ITU AbsorbTech representatives provide terrific attention and timeliness to my needs.  Matt always goes above and beyond to provide exceptional service. They provide a waste reduction certificate that we display for our environmental audits from Logan Township.

I suggest and encourage anyone to experience the program and the outstanding service behind it.

Greg Kraft, Service ManagerBentley Truck Services
Casey Sattler, Production Manager

We were looking for a quick, efficient way to keep our shop clean and safe. ITU AbsorbTech seemed to have good solutions containing our oil spills and prevention materials to avoid issues in the future. ITU AbsorbTech was able to provide solutions to our oily/slippery floors. Our employees are now safer on the job because of those measures.

Customer service is outstanding! Dan does a great job of reacting to our needs. It’s been a great working relationship.”

Casey Sattler, Production ManagerMcCormick Industries
Jeff, Environmental Health and Safety Manager

SorbIts® has made a HUGE impact on our waste reduction and ISO 14001 goals and we’ve received praise from our ISO 14001 auditor. We are also beginning to see cost savings as a result of reduced waste disposal.

ITU AbsorbTech’s service and attention to detail has been superb and Dan’s communication on a regular basis was top notch!

Jeff, Environmental Health and Safety Manager

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(But if not there is no obligation at the end of the trial).

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