We like getting the certificate.

We have used ITU AbsorbTech for printer towels for many years and get excellent service. The program has assisted us with compliance and solvent recovery, and we like getting the certificate.  Overall, ITU AbsorbTech does an excellent job.

Ron Huebner
American Packaging

If I was to use one word it would be SERVICE.

With our old program we really had no service issues. The reason for going with ITU AbsorbTech was pricing. What we did find out after changing companies was that ITU AbsorbTech met or exceeded our expectations. They did not skip a beat. The staff and employees were courteous and willing to do what was needed.… Read more “If I was to use one word it would be SERVICE.”


Ultra Printer Towels®

Highly absorbent printer towels were engineered for the unique demands of the graphics industry for wiping and cleaning up inks and solvents.

Unlike disposable solvent wipes, the recovered solvents from these reusable towels are beneficially reused in industry.


  • Heavyweight, 100% cotton, highly absorbent and low lint
  • Polywrapped to keep them clean
  • Typically used in printing/graphics industry to wipe and clean up inks
  •  Reusable: Laundered for reuse through an environmentally preferred cleaning process and recovered fluid is beneficially reused in industry

Benefits of our program include:

  • Program is EPA Wiper Rule compliant.
  • Towels are heavyweight and more absorbent
  • We clean our towels better
  • With StraightUp! billing, there are no no automatic replacement charges or unauthorized inventory changes

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