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Garment Rental

As a family owned and operated business, values like honesty, transparency and fairness are essential to the success of our program.

As one of the nation’s largest privately owned industrial laundries, we lead the way in product and process innovation. Our RFID garment tracking technology has given us the ability to deliver one of the most efficient and accurate garment rental programs available.

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  • Industrial Shirts and Pants
  • Polos
  • Flame Resistant
  • Coats and Jackets
  • Aprons and Coveralls

What’s Included with our Garment Rental Program

  • Sizing

    We size by try-on method.
    Pants are hemmed to length.

  • Installation and Training

    We will install lockers, labels, signs, and train wearers.

  • Cleaning and Delivery

    We launder garments and deliver to individual lockers or a designated drop point.

  • Repairs and Upgrades

    We proactively mend, repair and upgrade garments.

How ITU AbsorbTech's Floor Mat Rental Program Works
  • Adding and Removing Wearers

    We proactively review your employee list and remove wearers so they don’t show up on your invoice.

  • Customer Quality Visits

    We review your program on a regular, scheduled basis to ensure complete transparency.

  • StraightUp!™ Garment Report

    StraightUp!™ Garment Report details garment usage, service turnaround and cost details to ensure program efficiency.

What sets our program apart from the rest?

RFID Technology

Smart chip in each garment allows for 99.99% accuracy (far more accurate than bar codes) and advanced customer reporting.


We deliver honest, open, and regular communication to ensure you get the best value for your program investment.

StraightUp!™ Billing

Easily budget for the annual expense of your garment program because there are no added fees or hidden charges.

Garment Reporting

Get a detailed report that shows garment usage, cost history, and much more.

What Customers Say about our Garment Program

Mike Duesing

In my 26 years as a small business owner I’ve had the opportunity to work with most of the national uniform carriers and in my experience none of them have been able to meet my expectations like ITU AbsorbTech.

Being a family-owned company myself, the family-owned aspect of ITU AbsorbTech provided a tremendous advantage.  I realized with the commitment I have to service my customers in the best possible manner, ITU AbsorbTech would provide the same commitment to us.

Mike DuesingAdvantage Freight
Verango Steel

At our previous supplier, we had pricing issues and garments were not being returned the following week. Employees were always complaining that they were shorted.  Also, the quality of the garment was inferior, resulting in repairs and more frequent replacements.
With ITU AbsorbTech’s garment rental program, the material is much sturdier and garments last longer. Our regular route driver is extremely conscientious and attentive to our needs.  ITU AbsorbTech checks the garments and lets me know (actually shows me) when a garment is torn and may pose a safety risk.  I have been extremely satisfied with the quality of the product, as well as the attentiveness of our regular delivery driver.”

Verango Steel
Dan Braun, General Manager

We’ve been with three other large uniform suppliers and have never been happier with ITU AbsorbTech. Billing is easier to follow, prices are very competitive, and I don’t hear about problems with fit, repair or cleanliness.

Our deliveryman is Russ and he is very professional and thorough.  Our uniforms are well taken care of and our guys look great.

Dan Braun, General ManagerConsumers Co-op Oil Co.

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You have to experience the comfort and style of our garments to believe it!

We can outfit a small group of your employees with a garment of your choice for a 4-week trial period to ensure the garments meet your standards for fit, style, comfort and durability. There is no commitment, no cost to participate, and it’s easy to get started.

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