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Discover the cost advantages

of reusable absorbents over disposables

SorbIts® Savings Calculator

Surprisingly, SorbIts® costs less than other oil absorbent alternatives.

Use our tool below to see the cost difference between disposable absorbents and SorbIts®. Here’s what you’ll need to know (estimates are okay) to get started:

  • Quantity of disposable absorbents you purchase in a year
  • Your disposal type (incineration or special waste)
  • Number of times you purchase absorbents in a year

Learn more about the calculator assumptions and output.


Enter your annual disposable absorbent usage in the blue box below.  Results will appear to the right.  Click on the ‘download PDF’ button to export the results.

If you are throwing oil soaked absorbents in the dumpster, you may not see cost savings with SorbIts®. However, you will see a significant reduction in solid waste to landfill.

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Solid Waste Eliminated

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